5 exercises to find a flat belly after the holidays


To stay in shape and find a flat belly after the holidays, you have to move and play sports. It is not however any physical activity. Discover here five exercises that will help you find a well-flat belly effectively.

Sports Walking

In addition to losing weight and staying healthy, walking is a quiet sport that will also help you find a flat belly after the holidays. You have to start with normal strides and walk naturally at your own pace. While you are walking, you need to tilt the chest and shoulders slightly forward so that your walking rate is more sustained. Do not bend your back and voluntarily contract your buttocks and belly. Finally, always swing the arms according to the movements of your legs while you walk. On average, you will need 5 to 8 km to go to burn the necessary calories.

The dumbbell and the Burpee

A sequence of balanced and burpees by the countdown technique also helps to lose the belly effectively. You can then make 15 reps of burpees preceded by 15 reps of balanced then 14 reps of balanced followed by 14 reps of burpees and so on. You will end up with only one rep from each of these exercises in the end. 1 Rep of dumbbell balance consists of folding the pelvis while holding a dumbbell between the legs. You will then have to throw the hips forward and then throw the weight at the shoulder height. For the burpee, stand upright by spreading the feet to the shoulder width. Then bend the pelvis and knees to lower so that your hands can touch the ground. You then have to throw your legs back to make a pump and then reverse the movement to get back upright.

The Jump Rope

After choosing the right jump rope, you can start gently by jumping on a single foot with each rotation of the rope. To do this, use the right foot two times and then the other foot twice and so on. Shoulders relaxed, elbows close to the body, your wrists should be the only ones to print the motion to the rope. While you are jumping, you need to tuck your belly in and contract the abdominals, while making sure that the pelvis is well-wrapped.


It helps to burn fat and work your stamina, especially if you do sessions of at least 45 minutes. You can choose the type of swimming that suits you, according to your personal tastes as the swimming will always make the belly work. You can even combine it with other exercises using foam fries, foam alterations or planks. A sports coach can help you do this.


With an apartment bike or outdoors, cycling will not only allow you to have a flat belly. It's a very effective activity to fight stress, lose weight, and stay in top shape. It will increase your basic metabolism and will also boost the tone of your muscles. You can associate it with sheathing exercises and the abdominal belt.

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