5 ideas for small budget outings


Going out in love, with friends or with family and pleasing the young when you have a tight budget is perfectly possible. Whether it's for the weekend or for the summer holidays, the formula is very simple: identify fun activities that are free or cheap.

A park outing: a timeless tradition

A classic idea, a traditional practice but will appeal to young and old. During the warmer seasons, it's just fun to walk around in a pleasant setting, with nature. This is the best option for those who want to rejuvenate. With friends or family, it is possible to make small games or to practice gentle physical activities but accessible to everyone. For those who have small children, the latter will take advantage of the space to run and scream…

Sport and physical activities

The practice of sport and other physical activities with the family brings many advantages. In addition to being cheap or even free, this kind of activity helps to strengthen the links in the family and in a group. That's not all, physical activity is always good for the body and for health. Cycling, swimming pool, jogging, walking… You can practice them regularly. On this, do not hesitate to list the physical activities that you prefer and that will please your children. Change it regularly so that every moment is always enjoyable.

Family Farm Visit

A farm is at the same time a place of leisure and exploration. A better choice to spend a pleasant time with the family. Even the little ones find happiness and pleasure. During the visit, the farmer takes his time to present the animals, their names, their lifestyles. Young people can approach, talk and pet animals. That's not all, it's an opportunity to discover, taste and buy farm products. The visit can be done at half-day, during the day. Some farms make guest rooms available to visitors. With this option you can prolong the discovery and relax quietly.

Garden and Kitchen Workshop

Planting seeds, seeing grow plants, fruits and vegetables, harvesting and cooking… these are among the favourite activities of the little ones. If you have a small space at home, a garden workshop is a better way to teach them the cycle of nature. After the harvest, you can cook together as a family. It's an opportunity to take care of the kids, learn how to cook and better. Even if you stay home, know that your children need to share moments of joy and complicity with you. It's very fun and not expensive.

Family shooting

A family photo shoot is a better opportunity to create together an intense moment. Winter, Spring, summer, you can practice this activity at any time. Locate a place that speaks to you and have fun. You do not have to contact a professional photographer's team, you can take the pose yourself or entrust it to your children. It is a simple breeze, a moment of fun that allows you to awaken the talent of your children and keep the pictures of your little family.

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