5 Original bars to test


Tired of classic places and ambiences you know by heart? Paris is quite large and is full of places as unusual as original. Discover in this article the tops 5 of the original bars to test in the French capital.

Zero driving Bar in Paris

The zero driving bar is characterized by its unique and original central theme: childhood. Their specialty is the bottle. The cocktails are named after cartoon characters like Piglet, Olaf, Ratatouille and Aladdin. They are served in a bottle and with candies. The bottles are to take away and replace the loyalty card. When you come back, bring your bottle and pay only the replacement. You can watch cartoons on the screen. Games like dice or card games are also at your disposal. This is the best place to celebrate a birthday or to perform the funeral of young lives.

Bam Karaoke

Bam Karaoke is a cocktail bar but also a karaoke room with many private rooms. Its simple but innovative concept is inspired by karaoke in Asia: sing together and no mockery. Each box is under reservation and can accommodate up to six people. You can freely adjust the intensity and color of the light, the volume of voice and music via a dashboard. You will have access to the wide music repertoire to choose your favorite titles. While you are in your private room, you can order refreshing cocktails, a staff will bring it to you with pleasure.  The cocktail bar at Bam Karoké is a charming terrace with many tables and benches.

The recycling

Recycle is a bar that is based on the concept of recycling. In this place, everything is allowed: you can repair your settled down objects, learn to do DIY with the objects you have, sell your old articles or even do yoga. The bar the recyclery has several floors and the bar is located on the ground floor. Outside the building is a place crossed by old rails where there is a bar, tables, a mini farm and a garden. The whole is decorated with recycled objects.

Seang House and its confidential bar

The Maison Seang is a five-star hotel rich in history. His living room and his confidential cocktail bar hide secrets. The bar is located at the bottom of the hotel, in a setting combining luxury, elegance, exoticism and sensuality. The cocktails are very floral and feminine, signed names of the former famous courtesans like Clara Boussion, Louise, Vltesse, Elisa… You will be amazed at the flavor of each cocktail that is at the height of the show.  Each season, the Seang House's cocktail bar renews its menu and redoubles creativity.

Jonjon's Cocobar

Located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. This first Coco Bar in Paris offers you freshness and escape through the drinks in a real coconut. A la carte, you can order Coco shakes, smoothie bowls, coco Black mamba, cafes and lattes… each recipe is made with a coconut from Thailand. If you are rather greedy, you can try the tasty Coco Choco. It is a recipe based on cocoa seeds, raw cocoa powder, banana and agave syrup. The waiter will open the fresh coco before your eyes.

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