How to choose a restaurant for Valentine's Day?


Valentine's Day is approaching and you are looking for a better restaurant to spend a moment with your beloved. Even if you are in Paris, beware, because not all the establishments are conducive to an evening of this kind. This article gives you the advice to find a quiet, romantic place whose décor and service are not negligible.

Criteria to consider when choosing a good restaurant

Valentine's Day is the Feast of lovers. Yet, the moment you want to spend with your tender is an evening only for both of you. For a successful Valentine's Day, choose a restaurant that you both enjoy. A place that has an important meaning for your couple will do well. This is an important point, allowing you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Since it is a two-party, opt for a quiet place, away from the curious glances and stressful noises. The tables must be spaced to be able to discuss quietly. Know that Paris is full of romantic restaurants with a very original décor. Also remember to take into account the location of the establishment. To make your return easier, opt for a restaurant close to your neighbourhood.

Which specialties to choose?

In Paris, you will find gastronomic specialties from all over the world (Chinese, Thai, Spanish, American cuisine…). Before determining your choice, ask about the restaurant's speciality and try to specify which menu you are going to order. Since this is an evening in love, some foods must be avoided (dishes made of garlic, dishes too greasy, dish in sauce…).

If you want to share a good meal with your partner, without causing a bad sensation, let yourself invade by Spanish or Italian specialties. The dishes are characterised by their glamorous side. Japanese specialties also remain a better choice thanks to their lightness and finesse. Alcoholic beverages are also essential but must be consumed in moderation so as not to spoil the evening.

Top 3 Original Restaurants in Paris

To spend an unforgettable Valentine's Day 2019 in Paris, we have selected beautiful original restaurants for you.

Valentine's Night at the Château de Versailles. For Valentine's Day, the Oré restaurant with an exceptional setting is open to all. It is a great choice to enjoy an exceptional evening in a royal setting.

If you are looking for a much more relaxed atmosphere, the crazy Bus is right for you. Whether it's for a romantic aperitif or a dinner, this restaurant will serve you a delicious plate. Apart from the tasty dishes, the romantic, original and comfortable setting, the crazy Bus makes you discover the most corners of the capital.

Valentine's Day aboard cruise ships. A romantic evening in the water, on the edge of a cruise ship makes it possible to get a breathtaking life in Paris. This is one of the best options if you want to get off the beaten path and offer an exceptional moment to your beloved. Marina de Paris, Parisian boats, the Blue Diamond, Paris on stage, are among the cruise ships that invite lovers to come and celebrate Valentine's Day with their beautiful restaurants.

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