How to improve your general culture?


To be cultivated is to know what is interesting and what is useful in everyday life. To develop its general culture makes it possible to understand the world around us and its evolutions. For young graduates or those in search of a new profession, the general culture makes it possible to optimize the chance to get a job during the recruitment.

To be cultivated: what's the point?

Being cultivated is the only way you can get out of the mass. If you master a lot of things in various fields, you can make the right decisions in all circumstances. When you are having problems, you can measure your share of responsibility and protect yourself at the same time.

The interest of the general culture is not limited to the professional need (to get a job or win a competition). Thanks to it, you can adapt to the different circumstances and react in a fair and intelligent way.  These are the visible impacts, but there are also impacts that you can measure. In fact, general knowledge strengthens confidence and self-esteem.

Acquiring a general culture: the steps to follow

Whatever your level of general culture, acquiring a new knowledge goes through an ounce of curiosity and intelligence. If you are not curious, you will not seek to know. It is a must but not enough step. In order to effectively nourish your general culture, you need to know, understand and assimilate.

Reading to improve the general culture

From generation to generation, reading is always recommended when talking about general culture. For those who are not accustomed, reading is not an easy thing. In order to be able to read, choose a book that interests you. Then inform yourself about the contents of the book. Before you start reading, don't forget to take a look at the short summary that is on the last page.

It should be clarified that reading stimulates and improves your creativity. It also strengthens your personality. Appearing in the list of leisure, reading helps you to relax. It enhances your language skills and improves your productivity. Some books have the power to make you happy, to influence your state of mind. To make your first reading successful, it makes more sense to drésser a schedule. As you move forward, reading will be part of your daily routine.

Videos – Quiz – Facebook

On the Youtube channel, videographers offer various themes (science, optical illusion, culture, environment). Through these videos you can travel the world and make a discovery without leaving home. Your mobile device is an effective communication tool. You can make quizzes to check and improve your knowledge. It's a lot of fun and you can track your progress.

Facebook becomes a must for all age classes. Very solicited to keep in touch with friends and family and follow the news, remember that it reforms many useful things. On this, subscribe to the press pages and follow the accounts of NASA, CNRS, News from Science, who, WWF…

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