How to organize your stay in Disneyland Paris?


Disneyland is the most magical place on the planet that guarantees a better family holiday. Do you want to spend a weekend or a few days? Discover in this article The secrets to save time and succeed your stay.

Why visit Disneyland?

For this year 2019, the amusement park and attractions Disneyland Paris announces a busy program for its visitors. The arrival of several beautiful seasons will mark this year, citing only Star Wars, Princesses, Pirates… The third edition of the Star Wars celebration event will take place as early as January of this year 2019. Similarly for the season of pirate Festival and Princesses to be held on January 19 until March 17, 2019.

These are just excerpts but many other events and evenings will also be held throughout the year. It is worth mentioning that the Disneyland Paris Park is easily accessible. The proposed activities are adapted to any age group. Weekend or a week at Disneyland, the kids and the big ones will fill up with good memories.

Visit Disneyland: At what age and when?

It should be noted that the amusement park Disneyland is open to everyone. Little babies enjoy watching the colors that hang around and listening to the music. But the stay becomes more and more exciting for young children more than four years. From this age, the child will be able to recognize the characters, ride in the different attractions, practice many activities offered and enjoy the magic of the park. For parents, this is an opportunity to relive his childhood.

The summer holiday is the highest season of the park. The queues for access to different shops, restaurants and activities are long. Outside of this season you can visit the park. From January to May there will be fewer people and there are not many activities and animations. Besides summer, Christmas is also a good time to stay. A magical decoration, lights everywhere, Christmas carols, it's just magic for the kids and the big ones.

Some tips to prepare a visit to Disneyland

A stay in Disneyland Paris is organized in advance to make the most of it. If you want to visit more people, stay at Disneyland during the summer holidays. During the season or out of season, Disneyland Paris offers its visitors to stay at the park at Disney hotels or partner hotels. It is much cheaper and more advantageous than spending only one day there. With this option you will have unlimited access to both parks and enjoy all the animations and attractions.

Indeed, the price of the stay at Disneyland varies depending on the number of days to spend in the park, the hotel and the standing of the room. After choosing the accommodation, you must reserve the means of transportation and specify the city of departure and the days to arrive at the park. The transfer from the airport to the park is provided by a paid shuttle. It should be noted that the park offers a package packages including the stay and tickets for excursions and discoveries of Parisian monuments.

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