Inside Opera: The Escape game in the heart of the Paris opera


The Opéra Garnier is a famous and popular monument in France. Every year he welcomes several tourists from all over the world and also bears witness to many legends and stories of which the Phantom of the Opera is one. It's already been several months that visitors can discover all the nooks and crannies of the opera Garnier following the traces of the Phantom via the Space Game "inside opera".

Unravel the mysteries of the famous Phantom of the Opera to prevent it from cracking

Alone or in a group, playing inside opera will always be a unique and rewarding experience that will allow you to discover the architecture, its ornamentations as well as its decorations in every detail. In an hour, you should be able to get to the end of your riddles. However, no one will monitor you to know how much time you have left since the goal of the game is to make you discover this marvel in a playful way.  While you are browsing the corners of the Palais Garnier, you would feel that it is at your disposal and that you are free to go wherever you want to solve the puzzles.

To play inside opera, you are going to need a pen and dress in black. Masks and an envelope signed "F. de O" will be distributed to you at the entrance. The director of the opera, with the stage director of the show and the Machinist, will then provide the instructions to all participants who have to gather in the lobby of the entrance at the beginning of the game. You then have to find "the Magic Flute" that the Phantom of the Opera stole. You will follow his footsteps from riddles and games in all the spaces of this show room. Costume actors will also stroll around the corner of the Game space to provide you with clues that will help you complete the range.

Some good reasons to play inside opera

Browsing the game space does not only allow you to walk in an extraordinary place. It is a new way to discover the beauty of the architecture of the famous Opéra de Paris in every detail. You will have time to appreciate the beauty of its gilding, the statutes, the paintings as well as the stained glass windows whose peculiarities will also help you to solve the puzzles. In addition, you are free to discover the opera in your own way because there is no preordained order. It is true that an 1h duration was mentioned at the beginning of the game, but you would not need to rush, because to exceed the scheduled time is no problem. In addition, some people will never get out without taking pictures.

The game will be much more rewarding and more fun if you do the group tour. In this way, the knowledge and logic of each participant will help solve the eight puzzles. Apart from the concert hall and its magnificent ceiling painted by Chagall, all the spaces of the Opéra Garnier are at the disposal of all the participants: the Grand Staircase, the Glacier Gallery, the large Foyer or the Moon Lounge. You will also have the opportunity to listen to musicians who will perform an excerpt from "The Magic Flute" at the end of the game.

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