Street art: An art often discredited


Street art or Urban art is a contemporary art movement. One of the first street-artists in France is Psychoe. He started this movement in 1984. Today, street art has entered museums and large art galleries. It has not stopped the activity yet. In addition to tags and graffiti, he also produces sculptures.

Street Art becomes legal

For a long time, street art, tags and graffiti are considered acts of vandalism. In the beginning, the struggle was hard and consisted of erasing the graffiti and arresting the perpetrators. This could not stop its development. The phenomenon spreads and leads to the recovery of Metro train. The fight also became more massive: arrest and dismantling of graffiti artists, closure of the media that spoke of their works.

Over the years, Justice has recognized the quality of the works and persévérances of graffiti artists. The first solution was to assign them walls so that they could express their expression. Today street art finds its place in museums. Many people think that this reduces the value of street art. That is really not the case. This is a great highlight. This is not all, graffiti artists have also found new techniques to enhance their works. They use special graffiti bombs as well as varnishes to protect their works. Some decide to install plexiglass to protect them and keep them for as long as possible.

Street Art Museum: Is it still street art?

Artists in urban art have undergone a great evolution, both on their fame and on their technicality. Street Art is now expressed in a gallery, on various media and formats. In addition, artists can sell them at interesting prices depending on the size of the works. Indeed, the success of each work is measured by the way in which it expresses what it wishes to express and the impact it has on its works.

Although the majority of the works are no longer expressed in the street, street ART retains its value and its origin. Today's success is a testament to yesterday's effectiveness. It should be noted that Street Art, tags and graffiti remain the most important and successful artistic movement of the 21st century. Today, many Parisian neighbourhoods make available to artists places that promote the development of their talent. The goal is to enhance the art of the street.

Discover works of street art in Paris

The Street has its place in the different Parisian quarters. Follow our little guide if you want to discover his unsung works of the art of the wheel. The works of street art in the 13th arrondissement of Paris have become an open-air museum of Street art.  You can observe them in rue Jeanne d'arc and Boulevard Vincent Auriol. The eastern part of the capital is also a place of street art. Twice a month, a new artist speaks publicly on the facades at the level of 107 rue Oberkampf. This is a real show not to be missed if you want to feed your eyes.

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