The 3 most beautiful Christmas markets in France


The first Christmas markets appeared in the sixteenth century in Germany and Alsace. During the years 90, they spread in France and throughout Europe. In France as elsewhere, the Christmas markets are marked by the typical decorations, the animations of all kinds, the beautiful chalets, the stands for the gifts, the wines, the dishes… Discover here our selection of the most beautiful Christmas markets.

The Strasbourg Market

The first and most beautiful Christmas market in France is in Alsace. This is the Strasbourg market. It was created in 1570 and was named capital of Christmas in 1992. In 2018, more than 300 Christmas chalets and miles of light garlands were installed at the foot of the cathedral. The main squares of the city are also illuminated by a thousand fires. The traditions of Christmas are deeply rooted in the culture of the Alsatians.

In the different chalets, traders offer typical products of the region. There are also hot wines, gingerbreads, treats and doughnuts. Several traditional decorative objects for FIR and crib are also available in this famous market. Shows and concerts related to the Christmas celebration are also organized. These different events plunge the small and the great between the reality and the Magic of Christmas.

The Colmar Market

The Christmas markets of Colmar are also the most beautiful after Strasbourg. Unlike other cities, this Alsatian city organizes several traditional markets. The maisonettes are located in the four main squares, namely Joan of Arc, Dominicans, Six Black Mountains and old customs.

From mid-November to the end of December, several traders sell wooden toys for small, handicraft products and local products. The smells of gingerbread, hot wine make you forget the freezing temperatures. On the d'arc Square, the outburst pies are highly appreciated by locals and visitors. On the Place des Dominicans, you can taste local produce, such as goose foie gras. Garlands and small colored light bulbs also illuminate the maisonettes, the big squares and the entire city.

The market in Bordeaux

Like the two previous cities, Bordeaux offers a lot of better ideas that can make children and adults dream. For the pleasure of the little ones, you can bring them to take a ride on the traditional carousel and the carousel installed on the alleys of Tourny, or see Santa Claus and take pictures with him.

For the year 2018, more than 40 craftsmen were present in the alleys of Tourny. They made visitors and buyers discover artisan creations and local products. If you want to offer beautiful gifts to your loved ones, choose small handcrafted items. Thanks to the various animations and shows the real magic of Christmas is set up in every corner of the city. The Musical Awakening Workshop, the crib, the makeup made by the clowns, are among the activities present during the thirty days of the Christmas market of Bordeaux.

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