The most beautiful squares in Paris


Paris, also called the City Light is not only a very beautiful city. It also boasts countless architectural and historical interests. It also has places as beautiful as the others. In Paris, you must visit at least some of the places in this city.

Charles de Gaulle Square

Also called Place de l'etoile, it was carried out by the architect Jacques Hittorff under the Second Empire. It closes the avenue of the Champs-Elysées on its upper part. 12 large straight avenues come to this square, the centre of which is marked by the famous Arc de Triomphe. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the rooftop terrace of this spectacular building. Apart from the star form of the place Charles de Gaulle, it is especially appreciated for its history. In the heart of the Square is a tomb of a soldier decorated with bronze and illuminated by a flame, revived every evening at 6pm. It is the symbol of the soldiers who gave their lives for the French nation.

The Place de la Concorde

Located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, the Place de la Concorde is one of the most beautiful squares in Paris. It is best known for its obelisk, which is no more than a marked tower of ancient Egyptian scriptures and whose name is the obelisk of Luxor. From the top of its 23 meters long, this monument weighs up to 230 tons and is one of the oldest monuments in Paris. It dates from the 13th century BC and its location near the famous fountain of the Place de la Concorde. A gift from Egypt to France, it was arranged at the entrance to the temple of Luxor before being erected on the Place de la Concorde in 1836.

The place of the Republic

After its renovation, the place of the Republic became a place very frequented by the Parisians. With its larger pedestrian area, it is one of the most popular, lively and trendy places in Paris. A colossal bronze statue of Marianne thrones on this square. With a height of 9 meters 50, it is supported by a stone base of 15 meters height. An impressive structure, this statue with its olive branch represents the Republic. Its base is also adorned with 3 statues marking "Liberty, equality, fraternity". This statuary ensemble is also made up of twelve dates and bronze reliefs that evoke the chronology of the history of the Republic. A bronze lion is added to symbolize the triumph. He watches over the ballot box of universal suffrage.

Other Parisian squares are also to be discovered imperatively. For example, you can go to the opera square to enjoy a breathtaking view of Charles Garnier's eclectic building. Otherwise, you will also enjoy the quiet on the place Dauphine or the Place des Vosges. These are little wonders where you can picnic. With its fountain, street art works and the view it offers on the prestigious Pompidou Centre, the place Igor Stravinsky will be the must for lovers of contemporary art.

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