The Parisian heritage: how to preserve it?


Several reasons can weaken the heritage: its old age, the phenomena of fashion, the number of visitors of the site which proves to be too high, the bad condition of the structures etc. Other factors may also represent a risk to heritage and its protection is a great responsibility that everyone should take in hand.

Some good reasons to protect the Parisian heritage

Paris stands out for its unusual heritage. It is a dream destination for all those seeking adventure and discovery. At present, Parisians are more motivated than ever to preserve their heritage and this does not only concern the monuments that punctuate the streets and neighborhoods of the city. Bistro, part of the public space, garden, statue, industrial building… are also the object of their protection needs. Indeed, losing a heritage is like losing a part of the city's identity. It is through heritage that you can convey your perspective on the past, indispensable to help future generations to keep their identities. In addition, almost all the Parisian heritages have witnessed the history of the city for centuries.

Preserving heritage: How to go about it?

In principle, the protection of a heritage can be done in several ways, namely the inscription or classification of sites and the inscription or classification of historical objects or monuments. Developing an area of Protection of the Architectural, urban or landscape heritage is also another way of preserving the heritage. The ZPPAUP may also be replaced by a heritage area. With the help of the state, it is the municipalities that deal with these documents. Lastly, the application of article L. 151-19 of the Urban planning code leads to the identification of "remarkable elements" within a Local urban planning Plan. It concerns all the important identity elements that the municipality wants to preserve. There is also another non-regulatory protection including labels. Through it, to make known the important elements of the heritage. Each individual will also have their share of responsibility in preserving the Parisian heritage: doing their best to know them to better pass them on to the next generation.

Preserving a heritage is an action that everyone can ensure: citizens and private organizations, public action such as municipalities and government, and even International Organizations act in this area. In Paris, new local planning rules were introduced. They are mainly aimed at preserving the Parisian heritage, to keep the beauty of the city and its landscapes and to protect its buildings as well as its various historical monuments. In all the boroughs of the city, one must always aim for a certain architectural quality for all types of work: refreshment, commercial storefronts, new constructions, etc. For each citizen, respect for these rules is already an action to protect the city's heritage. Several associations also act to preserve the heritage of Paris. On the other hand, UNESCO is also one of the pillars of heritage protection.

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