The theatre: A good idea for a romantic evening


For a romantic and memorable evening, you don't have to go on a meal with your head to head.  Why not see a play? Whether it is a simple desire to go out or to celebrate a special event (Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, anniversary of your partner…), the theatre allows you to live a unique cultural experience in the presence of the person you love.

Two shows not to be missed for 2019

If the theatre is tempting, but you have no idea where you can go, one of these two shows may interest you:

  • The SEXPOWERMENT at the new Seine

    : It is a theatrical piece about sexuality, an important and ubiquitous subject in everyday life. The show has already started on 09 January and will only end on 28 March 2019. He goes on to two weekly presentations every Tuesday and Thursday. It's a great show with an interactive and clever staging. The actresses express themselves with great emotion the daily questions about sexuality. They share with you a moment of joy and laughter. A moment of laughter that you will share in return with your partner.

  • The fires of Love and Chance 2019

    : This is an adaptation almost faithful to the famous show the Game of Love and chance. The couple Victoria and Brandon made a promise of love. They are both disguised as a servant so they can meet regularly. For this year, four presentations are in the program, two in January and the other two will be held on February 12th and 19th in the mythical hall of the Palace Paris. This show has the peculiarity of mixing the classical theatre and the American soap opera. If you enjoy the soap opera The Lights of Love or the series Love, glory and beauty, do not forget to note these two dates in your diary. After watching this beautiful show, you can finish the evening with a romantic dinner.

A romantic evening in the most beautiful theatres in Paris

Even if you are not a true fan of theatres, you can come to see shows, make a discovery of the monument and its history and especially appreciate the beauty of the beautiful Parisian rooms. Besides the talents of the actors, we must not forget that each show begins in the room.

The Northern Food Theatre is inhabited by internationally renowned actors and musicians. It also has a very nice story. Built in 1876, the room was abandoned and was restored 1974 by Peter Brook and Micheline Rozan. After six months of work, the Hall regained its beauty. Even after restitution, the room kept its unique beauty and its old look reinforced by the patinas on the walls.

The Odeon of the Théâtre de l'europe, located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris is considered the temple of the theatre. It was founded in 1782 in a Latin Quarter and takes the appearance of an Italian theatre.  It is a place of tradition that has always been in contact with the contemporary world. It is an art theatre, a landmark of production and a place not to be missed if you want to spend a wonderful evening in love in a mythical theatre.

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