What exercises for a firmer breast?


The breasts are glandular organs intended for breastfeeding of newborns. The skin of the bust and the ligaments are the elements that ensure its maintenance and they rest mainly on the small and the large pectoral muscle. Over the years, breasts tend to sag as the skin gradually loses its elasticity. Hormonal changes and weight fluctuations are also factors that promote this subsidence. Here are some exercises that you can practice regularly to have firmer and more beautiful breasts.

Make Pumps

In addition to raising the breasts, the pumps also allow to muscle the shoulders and arms, as well as the bust. They will tone the silhouette deeply. Almost everyone knows what a pump is: lying on the belly, with the hands on the ground in the extension of the shoulders, the head must always be in the alignment of the body. Then put yourself on tiptoe and fold your arms and sheath the ABS before rewinding with an extension of the arms.

Strengthening the pectorals with prayer

It is not a question of praying, but of exercising to strengthen the pectorals so that your chest is more toned. Sitting or standing, it's up to you to choose the position that suits you best, wherever you are. This exercise consists of joining the palms of the hands in front, the forearms glued against each other and then up and down. 4 sets of 15 to 20 movements will be sufficient to achieve results after a few sessions.


So that your chest keeps its firmness, you can do some exercises with dumbbells. To do this, take two dumbbells weighing between 1.5 and 2 kg. Stand up, take a dumbbell in each hand and put your arms right in front of you before crossing them and decreasing them. The ideal would be to make 4 sequences of 15 to 20 rehearsals.

Toning the pectorals with the Commando board

It's not about working with a board! Indeed, this exercise consists in adopting a position of plank: arms stretched and hands under the shoulders. Then go down one elbow and then the other. The ideal would be to tilt as little as possible so that you will always be on the elbows. It is then necessary to return to the starting position: extend the arms one after the other. You can make 4 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions to tone the arms and abs with the pectorals.

Boost the chest tone with the sweater over

Lie down on the floor. With your legs bent, take a dumbbell in each of your hands and keep your arms on the sides. Then take them back over your chest before returning them to the initial position. You will need 4 sets of 15 to 20 repetitions to muscle the pectorals.

Apart from these exercises, some good manners are also to be adopted namely the wearing of a bra adapted to your chest. It must be comfortable and opt for a cotton model with large straps. Also make sure that the cap encompasses and covers all of your breasts.

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