What sport to choose in relation to his age?


Children, young people or adults, everyone should devote a little time to the sport to be always in good shape. If for some people, sport is a good way to lose weight and avoid obesity, others do it for health reasons: Prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease, regain some joint mobility, etc. However, achieving the goal is based on the activity you have chosen according to your ability and age.

What Sport for Children?

In the young, the practice of sport promotes its physical, mental and intellectual development. Apart from the characters of a child, his age is also an important factor to consider in determining the kind of physical activity that is right for him. Symmetrical individual sports are more suitable for children from 6 to 8 years of age. You can then introduce your child to swimming, dancing or gymnastics at that age. As of 8 years, a child can switch to team sports if that is what he prefers. Otherwise, individual coordination and opposition sports will also be perfect for a 8/9-year-old child. After 9 years, he can go on to endurance sports. Although sport is beneficial to children, it should be noted that physical activities of 4 to 10 hours per week will suffice for young people aged 8 to 14.

Physical activity to be preferred before 20 years

Stress, shyness, ill-being… teenagers don't always have an easy life. Instead of turning to drugs, the best solution would be to move a little. By cycling, rollerblading or jogging, the secretion of stress hormones takes place in the best conditions to promote the production of well-being hormones. This kind of activity also improves blood circulation. Otherwise, teens can also practice group sports or martial arts, especially if they feel too shy. Because the practice of sport acts on the brain, a teenage sportsman will be faster in his decision making. It will have stronger bones and benefit from a more powerful immune system.

After 20 years, do you always have to play sports?

Age should never be a factor that will prevent you from doing sports. Between 20 and 40 years, you are free to choose the physical activity that suits you best. Group sports or individual sports, everything is allowed as long as your body does not suffer after each session.  Currently, a large number of companies are planning time to make team sport between employees. This is a great way to boost the productivity of each staff. It also promotes team cohesion and helps each participant to relax and clear their mind.

After 45 years, it is better to perform a cardiovascular checkup to determine which sport to practice. Swimming, sailing, rowing or cycling are activities that correspond to individuals reaching that age. It should also be noted that the body begins to lose its athletic abilities after its 45 years. Also, it is best to pamper him a bit and not force him to strenuous activities. At 60 years of age, physical activities that do not require the use of muscles in strength and intensity are to be preferred. Walking, golfing, cycling or swimming are a priority.

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